Increasing competition among companies at the global business arena results in the necessity to establish wide portfolios of strategies before executing indiviudal decisions. VerceCo's help goes beyond pure theory and relates to making actual decisions in the real-world. Such decisions may rarly be based on the specific knowledge and quite often entail sensitivity to personalities, cultural contextes and long-term relationships.Because introducing changes to existing organizations usually requires ongoing assistance, in addition to participating in one-time projects, VerceCo serves its clients on the long-term assignments, including in particular, management consulting with strategic advisory and/or business development and marketing support.

Strategy advisory provided by VerceCo supports companies with reaching their general missions and specific goals. Thinking out-of-the box and being innovative marks the VerceCo's way of tackling the challanges. It is the combination of expertise in finance and high technologies with the overall management experience that distinguish VerceCo whose clients can thereby assume the wholisitic approach to solving their problems.

Business development activities include assisting clients with marketing of their products and services. This covers not only establishing product structures, designing promotional activities, setting up the pricing but also actual representing the client's interests vs. his customers and business partners. VerceCo, utilizing the experience with operating on the Polish and international markets, participates in all stages of the business development.

Information Technology is an area of VerceCo's special focus. VerceCo may serve diverse client's needs due to understanding of technical aspects of IT systems. Transferring these needs into tangible system solutions helps the client to reach his goals. Sometimes it requires only consulting and sometimes means building-up a completly new IT application. VerceCo gets involved in all phases of deploying such systems - from the very defintion of the client's needs up to the implementation of the running systems.