International marketing

In order to avail companies' efforts to expand into international markets, VerceCo offers well-defined and goal-oriented marketing package including: preparation of international expansion strategies and business plans, identification of key clients and business partners on foreign markets, organization of personnel training and coaching, cooperation with international consultants, venture capital community and potential industry investors, preparation of roadshows and initial sales presentations. The package is best suited for innovative companies willing to expand and commercialize their knowledge and results of in-house research and development activities.

Software development

As a result of gathering hands-on expertise in managing, advising and developing various businesses, VerceCo offers complete and ready-to-apply solutions for companies which need an efficient IT system. The solutions include applications for desktop computers and mobile devices including smartphones. We use .Net, C++, C# and participate in all phases of the software development including requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and after-sale support and maintenance.